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Time. Freedom. Fulfillment.
Reach financial freedom fast to live an amazing life.

Have you ever found yourself asking “If only I had more money…”? Do you have money problems that cause you suffering? Are you fed up with making sacrifices? Are you terrified at the idea of spending 30+ years at your job to pay your bills? Do you feel constrained?

If you answered yes to even just one, and if you’ve been thinking of changing for quite some time now but you feel lost or simply don’t know what to do, by all means, go on and read Generation Fire! It will be a game-changer.

Money is just a tool…that you can use to buy freedom, time, and options in your life.

This book will revolutionize your understanding of money once and for all. Generation Fire is a step-by-step guide to change your relationship with money, take control, earn more, create wealth, and use your money intentionally to live a better and more meaningful life.

What works with money is proven and time-tested. There are no strange secrets.

This book will show you exactly how to reach financial freedom fast and how to stay financially free forever. It’s all a matter of choice, and you are probably closer than you think.

In the book, you are going to find practical plans and strategies to:
  • Remind what money actually is and develop a winning approach
  • Create your financial statement to know and understand your financial situation
  • Gain more clarity on what you are doing and the direction you are headed
  • Define your financial goals and plan how to achieve them
  • Take control of your expenses and spend better
  • Understand in detail how you can go from where you are right now to financial freedom
  • Estimate how much money you need to stay financially free forever and why it is possible
  • Grasp the fundamental difference between linear income and residual income
  • Dramatically increase your income and earn money in a better way
  • Become a real investor, avoid mistakes and make the most out of your investments

This book is the no B.S. guide on money, income, wealth, retirement, and freedom that you’ve been looking for. An opportunity to question the assumptions of conventional wisdom and explore far better alternatives.

It’s a manual that will enable you to live your life on your terms.

Don’t let the challenge intimidate you. Instead of spending your entire life behaving like everybody else and settling for average results, use Generation Fire as a master plan to take action and work to create your dream life.

It's just a matter of choice. It’s possible and 100% worth it.


The Top 100 Intimate Items for Lovers: 

Presented by Sexy Challenges 

Sex is amazing, Sex is Fun, Sexy is out of this world

However, it can always get better!

Sexy Challenges knows that there is not limit to the sexual energy you can experience. However, a good majority of people out there do not have any clue what products are out there to help improve their sexual experiences. That is why I put together a crack team of experts to help find the best products for your sexual satisfaction.  

Now-a-days there are millions of sexual products out there to choose from. Which means there is a lot to consider when making a selection to put more pleasure in your sex life. Not only are their choices but there are health issues to sexual items, and now many times come with warranties and options, that a person can get overwhelmed in a hurry. Sex should not be stressful nor should picking out items to assist you in your sexual escapades. 

That is why this book was created. Items to enhance your sexual experience are investments. You put out money for said items and hope they will deliver massive returns on your investments. However throwing money blindly in a sex toy store or online isn’t the best investment policy. You have to do the research. With that being said most people don’t have the time or the balls to really dive into researching sexual items. Good thing my team here at Sexy Challenges does.  

We want to take as much of the guess work out of the process as possible. This book was designed to share our top picks with you so that instead of having millions of items to choose from you will have 100 or a few more of the best of the best. High quality, best price, longest lasting items to keep your libido active and excited. Together we will help you build a arsenal of sexual items to keep things new and evolving in your bedroom, and outside of it also.  

We are not just talking about sex toys such as vibrators. There is an entire world out there of amazing products that when used in the correct fashion will help turn you on and up to a new level of sexual excitement. The list is so long believe me it was a daunting task narrowing this book down to 100 items. Sure there will be sex toys in the list but there will also be games, beverages, items to cleaning up, storage, and a lot more areas that you might not have through about. That is why I brought in the experts.  

The goal here is to update this book twice a year to help keep it fresh and up to date on all the advancements in the sexuality felid. Part of our process is listening to our readers, so if you have a suggestion for a product to be in our next edition by all means sent the information to me. You will be able to find my contact information at the end of this book. Also if you have any question you can send them to me and if I don’t know the answer I will do my best to find it from our team or a different source.  

My suggestion for using this book is as follows. Go through the book all the way before you decide on anything to add to your play time. After you have finished mark down a few items you would like to try and have your partner do the same. If you are single and not dating you can skip that last step. Now compare lists and if any items are the same on both lists don’t hesitate pick those up right away. Next set a plan on what Item or items you want to try next and start a budget for your sexual pleasure items. Understand that everything in these pages might not be for you and the is okay we all are different and unique so embrace that fact. So if something doesn’t appeal to you don’t just pick it up cause it is in the book! Trust your feelings use the sexual force.  

Making your list out of the items in the pages and sharing it with your lover is a great way to help during gift giving times, such as the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, as well as weddings and bridal showers, and bachelor parties.


Wake Up Positive: 

Stop Waking Up In A Negative Mood 

Each Morning we wake up to start our day. Many times we don't wake up in the best of moods. When we don't wake up in the best of moods we can find ourselves struggling thought the entire day. A downward spiral starts when we wake up with that bad attitude towards the day. 

This book is designed to help you break out of bad attitude routine and start your day off in the most positive of moods. Within this class you will find several tips to help you wake up and start you day in a positive manner. 

This book is the first in the efforts of The Temple of Positive Energy to start helping people become more positive and excited about life. Believe it or not but your moods are contagious and your actions impact the actions of all the others around you, starting out with the people you love the most, your family, then you take it to work and share it with your friends and co-workers. Making Little changes in the morning to start it out positive not only helps you but helps everyone you come in contact with. 

Free Until 10/31/2020


The Angry Little Cloud is a tale about finding your place in the world. Learning what qualities you have to give to your friends. The Angry Little Cloud is sad and feels that no one likes him. When in fact he is very liked and wanted in other places. The Angry Little Cloud learns this message from his friend the Sun. The Sun shows the Angry Little Cloud places where he is more valuable then the beautiful light that the Sun produces. Places that need and desire what the Angry Little Cloud has to offer.  

Read this book with your child and discuss all the wonderful qualities they have within themselves. Everyone is important and everyone has different talents is the main message of this book.

Free Until - 10/31/2020



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