Thursday, June 21, 2018

We Blend Well Together

Caleb secretly wonders what his life would be like if his two parents were still together. He must learn to fight his way past the thoughts of living in to separate homes. In his quest to understand why he has a divided home, we he eventually understands why? Today many people are living in divorced and single parent home settings. Caleb is a boy that feels confused and trapped between two different family settings. Driven to find out the truth about his parents split, find out why this suburban North Carolina native boy is frustrated. Is it wrong for Caleb to try to understand his family dynamic or should he remain silent? In a world, where blended families is a new norm. Why not take a look at Caleb’s journey with understanding his family environment. Patrice Shavone Brown being a controversial author explore why the topic of blended family homes is important.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Penelope Pendleton and the Peculiar Purple Plumage

Penelope’s perfectly planned picnic turns into a day filled with crazy mishaps that include a gigantic purple feather and more.Joined by her best friend they have an adventure that winds them through the town leading to a wonderful ending. Told in a tongue twister of a story written mostly with the letter “P”. “P” words describing foods, places, things, actions, and much more. Included is a glossary of 60+ “P” words used throughout the book.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Trust. Such a small word for such a big thing. Like love, or hope. Dan Sheldon and Silke Stellianova share a craving for filthy sex combined with pain. But Silke’s tastes may prove too extreme even for a seasoned masochist like Dan. And when her dangerous past catches up with her again, it threatens to tear them apart. Some hurts just can’t be undone.

Silke. Her name tasted like sex in my mouth. I pushed my arousal to the back of my mind, willing my cock to behave, as I watched her writhing under the weight of the blows. She only came to the club to play in the dungeon and she had reputation for relishing the most extreme torture that we allowed. Silke’s pale, skinny look, and her humorless intensity were not attributes I would normally go for, so why did I find myself groaning and thrusting into my hand when I finally got to bed, remembering the sight of her writhing under the lash? 

I knew who Dan Sheldon was. I was a bit embarrassed that he was the one to be attending to my aftercare. I liked to stay under the radar, for more reasons than one. But damn he was gorgeous, tall and slim with brown hair and eyes, and he looked really fit and strong. I shivered under his touch, and he apologized for hurting me. But I didn’t shiver from pain. I shivered because the touch of his hands on my skin aroused me. I wanted him. I always wanted release after a whipping.

Pinned is the second standalone novel in the Checkmate series by Ellen K. Bennett. It contains adult themes and content, including hot sex, flogging, bondage and all kinds of other delicious kink. No cliff hanger and a HFN.

WARNING: Pinned contains descriptions of non-consensual sex and abuse that some readers may find triggering. If you are sensitive to such descriptions then please be aware of its inclusion.

Pin(ned) - a tactical move designed to trap and hold an enemy pawn or piece on its square, unable to move because it is guarding a higher-value piece immediately behind it. Source: Glossary of Chess Terms

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Domination: Playtime is Over

What do a free trip to Aspen and $20 000 for two days of work add up to? One hell of a confidentiality agreement, that’s what! When Janice Sheldon agrees to assist Blake Malone at a business meeting for one weekend, she has no idea what she’s getting into. But then neither does he. Sweet, funny Janice and elegant, sophisticated Blake seem like an unlikely couple, apart from their shared taste in unusual bedroom attire. But Blake is not who he seems, and the darkness of his past threatens to come back and haunt both him and Janice. Combine that with his liking for spankings, and an insanely jealous ex-girlfriend, and sparks are sure to fly. Literally. Playtime is over ladies!

Domination is the first standalone novel in the new Checkmate series by Ellen K. Bennett. It contains adult themes and content, including hot sex, spanking and bondage. And sparks. Lots of sparks. There is no cliffhanger, and it has an unapologetic HEA. 

'Domination - A situation whereby capture of a piece is unavoidable despite it having wide freedom of movement.'
Source: Glossary of Chess Terms

***Contains a bonus preview of Pinned, the next novel in the Checkmate series.***

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Still Water

What lies beneath will change you forever

What happens when the nice guy meets the quiet girl? Still waters run deep, they say ... Greg, the ultimate nice guy, and shy, beautiful Maura, should have made the perfect couple. But Maura has a dark secret. A secret buried so deep that she has never told anyone. Until now. Greg and Maura first appeared in Chemistry - A novel about love and attraction. Now Still Waters tells their heartbreaking story.


WARNING: Still Waters contains descriptions of non-consensual sexual activity and abuse that some readers may find triggering. If you are sensitive to such descriptions then please be aware of its inclusion.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Marco & Iarlaith: A Novel in Flash Fictions

Marco & Iarlaith: A Novel in Flash Fictions 

 Iarlaith and Marco are father and son, living along the banks of a river in a run-down cottage. Neither is employed full-time. Iarlaith works in a foundry sorting rudimentary fonts into upper and lower cases. Marco collects trash from along the riverbank, finding flotsam and rubbish discarded by tourists who use the riverbank as their jogging path. From this, Marco builds assemblage sculptures, which tourists buy from the local consignment shop. These are stories from their marginal existence, in which getting into trouble is as easy as doing nothing. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

How To Save Big Money

How to Save Big Money
Get the simple tips to help you start saving huge amounts of money.  Using all these tactics will start to get things rolling in the right direction for you and soon you will see huge improvements in your finances.  So many little things like making tacos at home instead of eating them out, paying even a dollar extra on your loan payments, and avoiding impulse buys at the storm can make a big impact on the money you are spending.  

Peace and Love and Happy Savings,
Rob Alex, Ph.D.