Monday, February 19, 2018

7 Simple Tricks To Remembering Names: How to Recall Names of People You Meet

7 Simple Tricks To Remembering Names: 

How to Recall Names of People You Meet

Forgetting a name can be worse than embarrassing—it can cost you in reputation, relationships, or even business. Remembering a name, on the other hand, makes you look great and can open doors.

Most of us have trouble remembering things — we’re only human, after all. The good news: Your brain has enormous memory capacity; you just need to learn how to use it.

7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names is here to help with easy-to-remember tricks you can use anytime, anywhere. Use the techniques inside to unlock your brain’s powerful memory potential today. 

You will learn:
•Why the human brain discards information—even information you’ll need
•How to memorize names (and more!) and access them anytime
•How to build your “memory palace” and store all the information you want 
•Memory techniques that work for YOU

The human brain — YOUR brain — can remember names and so much more. Are you ready to unleash your amazing memory? Read 7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names and start making better connections now.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Golf Tournaments 101

Golf Trick Shots

These are pretty impressive my trick shot is just making the ball go straight.  

Golf Tournaments 101 is a fundraising reference and guide book that describes in detail how charities and nonprofit organizations can raise money by holding one-day charity fundraiser golf tournaments. Step-by-step, everything needed in the planning and running of a successful tournament is explained in simple terms. Even people with no knowledge of golf can put a tournament together. Included are over thirty user friendly files; for example: an advertising flyer, golfer registration-forms, entry-forms and golf tournament rule-sheets. This is a must have book for charities, event-planners, schools, religious groups and booster-clubs. It’s also an informative reference guide for golf professionals.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Expert Secrets

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Running Into You

Instant Chemistry Series (Volume 1)

Andrea Cole has a good life. She’s accomplished and most of all happy. What she’s missing is romance! Her excuses range from she’s too busy, men are too crazy and dating is to emotionally hard! But all that might just go out the window when she literally runs into Cam. If those golden brown eyes were not enough to have her rethinking, then the spark of electricity when they touch definitely did! Will she let chemistry knock down the defenses of her heart? Cam “Camden” Holden, likes his life just the way it is. He has a job he enjoys and a house he loves in his childhood city. So what if it’s empty when he lays his head down at night. His dating life remains causal, but he’s open to meeting “the one” to make him take love seriously. Fate may have been kind to him when pretty eyed Andrea literally bumps into him on the street. Will he be able to lure in the wary Ms. Cole… so he can make his house a home?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

God Slayer & Sacrifice. (Two Great Books to Choose From)

God Slayer is the story of an immortal, who views his immortality as a curse.  He has lived nearly eight hundred years, and he has watched everything and everyone that he ever loved die.  Lord Thog of the Grey Marshes, is a flawed and complex hero, who has become bitter and solitary as his life grows longer and more intollerable.  He is a soldier, and his reputation around the world follows him, always drawing him into more and more death.  He becomes involved in a war between two countries, led by two different kinds of men.  During this time, his meets a mysterious wizard, who shows him that the souls of his loved ones are always drawn to him.  He finds that they can never find rest, because since Lord Thog can't die, they are endlessly re-born and they re-enter his life as total strangers.  They are strangers that are always drawn to him, as his is to them.  He finds the soul of his wife in the form of a brave young maid and he must watch, as she falls in love with another before him.
Lord Thog is prone to panic attacks, nightmares, and he is riddled with guilt.  The horrors of his life are reflected in his eyes, and he does everything to hide these facts, while still trying to do right.
God Slayer is, ultimately a story of hope, love and redemption as Lord Thog struggles to become more than simply immortal.

Blurring fact and fiction, Sacrifice drags readers into a waking nightmare where the evils of the past collide with the secrets of the present.
Struggling filmmaker Benny Hernandez stumbles upon a brutalized body in the mountains. As he photographs the victim, he notices something hauntingly familiar about the wounds.
Growing up in New Mexico, Benny heard stories of a cult that rose from the ashes of the Pueblo Revolt in 1680.
As more tortured bodies appear, Benny discovers a pattern that might mean this centuries-old cult has risen again.
This could be the story of a lifetime…if Benny lives to tell it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Workhouse Mysteries: The Tale of the Depressed Man

Holly enjoys her days waitressing and managing the front of house in her mum's restaurant, The Workhouse. She is a beautiful and popular teen living an idyllic life with a handsome footballer for a boyfriend. The restaurant is always busy and she enjoys chatting to the customers, although she may wish she had not shown interest in a weary, depressed looking man sitting alone at the bar one evening. A robbery at the local bank appears to have gone horribly wrong with car chases through country lanes and the getaway driver getting more than he bargained for. If only Holly knew that there was a chance the two things were linked and that life was going to become very frightening in a hurry. Can her Grandfather, the local Chief Inspector get to the bottom of things? Or will he rely on her dashing boyfriend, Samuel, for his brawn and brains to save the day?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Blighted City

 (The Fractured Tapestry Book 1)

“To challenge the gods is to invite their wrath.”
So it is written of Lachyla, the Blighted City, in the Codex of the Ages. But who reads codices? And who really believes the tall stories of the Taleweavers? Dagra does. He was raised on such tales, and if it’s anything to do with the gods – even a dead god – he believes every word.

When his team of sellswords are offered a contract to cross the Deadlands in search of Lachyla, he wants no part of it. 

His companions aren’t so daunted by the city’s grim legend. To them, it’s superstitious nonsense. Obtaining the burial jewel from the crypt of their client’s ancestor could earn them the bounty of a lifetime and give their failing guild the reputation it desperately needs. They’re going, with or without him. Torn between the tenets of his faith and the prospect of losing his friends on the perilous journey, he reluctantly agrees to venture to a place the gods have long since forsaken.

In the Blighted City, the laws of nature are cast into the Pit, blurring the divide between the living and the dead. Dagra’s long-held beliefs are strained to breaking point as he confronts the ghastly truth – that Lachyla’s foul seed is much darker than its legend.