Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Year To Success

Have you been promised success if you follow a few quick and dirty "rules" or "secrets" of success? Are you tired of irrelevant analogies that do nothing for you but make you feel inadequate? Have you had enough of highly metaphysical concepts and not enough practical solutions? Have you had your fill of grossly exaggerated claims that try to trick you into thinking success is easy? Are you all "affirmationed" out? You are not alone. 

Think of success as a game of chance in which you have control over the odds. As you begin to master concepts in personal achievement, you are increasing your odds of achieving success. Year To Success is a full year course in success, designed to be a practical guide to achieving your definition of success. Each day of this course will, through practical application, increase your odds of achieving success. It has been said that one line of wisdom can change your life more than volumes of books. Imagine what hundreds of pages of wisdom can do. 

Year To Success is perhaps the most complete book on success ever written. It uses my "formula" for success: education + inspiration + action = success. Education: each week starts off with two educational articles and ends with two more educational articles. Inspiration: the third day of the week is a "success biography" on someone I believe is one of the most successful people in history. These success biographies are full of inspiration to help keep your flame for success burning on high. Action: each of the educational articles has one or more action steps associated with it. Taking action and getting results are what this book is all about.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Constant Outsider

Growing up in Dorchester presented real challenges, but once the author took over the family's auto repair shop in South Boston, life became intense. Mob-enforcers, drug dealers, and killers became his friends and clients. Each moment in Southie was unpredictable. This was an era of unbridled illegal activity, courtesy of Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob. Tom had to walk a fine line between good and evil just to co-exist. His was a life truly lived on the edge. 
Over time, within feet of the office at Tom's shop, Whitey Bulger threatened Tom with a gun, a man was shot several times while at the gas pumps, a boy was beaten unconscious, then kicked in the face, and a black man was brutally attacked by a gang of raging youths wielding hockey sticks. At a home on the same street as Tom's shop, Whitey was killing people and burying them in the cellar. The author confronted another would-be killer at the garage. That man later returned and shot Tom's friend eleven times. On the lighter side, as a gesture of good will, a local drug dealer often tossed free samples from his car window as he drove past the pumps. There was never a dull moment in Southie during the 1970's & 80's. 
These were historic times. The author lived directly across the street from South Boston High School during the violence caused by "Forced Busing." And, as the owner of a gas station in the heart of "Southie," he describes the violence and stress associated with running that station during the OPEC oil embargo and gasoline shortages of the 1970's. Tom's decisions within these various environments got him into dangerous, near fatal situations far too often. Your adrenaline will flow as you read about a community being overtaken by murder and drugs. 
In “The Constant Outsider,” you’re invited along on a wild ride, back to a truly surreal time in Boston history. How did the author survive his gunpoint encounter with Whitey? What did he learn from his experiences? You will find the answers to these questions within a story-line that is tempered by amazing humor. 
This memoir will inspire you to follow your dreams. Tom's life demonstrates that if you want something badly enough, your dreams can and will come true. 
*Notes: There are numerous related photographs included throughout this book, and a unique opportunity for each reader to record his or her own life changing events, through the use of "Reader's Notes" pages at various points. 
Thomas Cirignano also authored a fictional adaptation of "The Constant Outsider," titled "67 Cents: Creation of a Killer." Within 67 Cents, the fictional character, named "Nick," says "Yes" to each and every offer that was made to Tom in real life by the Irish and Italian Mobs of Southie. Those offers were substantial, including an offer to kill a man for Tom. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sensational Art - Training Mission - Mission Date Night Adventures

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Mission Date Night - Sensational Art (Training Mission)

Do you have the desire to take your date nights to the next level?  If so, we are recruiting you to become one of our elite Mission Date Night Agents.  You can be single, in a new relationship, in a long-term relationship or married for years. This training mission will help you understand what other Mission Date Night Adventures are all about. 

In this mission, you and your date will be pitted against the colorless Salvadory Dolly and her plot to make relationships bland and boring.  As an agent, you will be given directives to help stop Ms. Dolly and keep color and excitement not only in your relationship but in relationships all over the world.  

Will you accept this mission from The Federation of Relationship Bliss' directors, Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex?  Will you help stop Salvadory Dolly and her evil plot against love and relationships?  We are counting on you and your partner to step up your date night game and put an end to this evil villain.  

Mission Date Night Adventures are designed to help spark many things in your relationship.  You will put more focus on your date nights and put new excitement into them.  You will get to step into character, if you like, enjoy a bit of a treasure hunt, and create lasting memories.   

Couples that become Mission Date Night Agents receive more than just the simple experience of the date night.  Their conversations flow.  They build lasting memories.  They see their friendship improve while creating opportunities for romance.  With these wonderful experiences, couples all over the world are finding the support they need to have the best relationship ever. 

When you choose to become Mission Date Night Agents you will no longer need to ask, “What do you want to do?” only to hear, “I don’t know.  What do you want to do?”  Instead, you and your sweetheart will already have a plan.  You will have a mission to complete!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Time To Help Authors With A Thunderclap

Join this Thunderclap and help Authors Talk About It share other wonderful authors!  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Stonegate Sword

Can one man shape the future of a continent?

A global plague has resulted in the collapse of civilization and society has reverted to living in medieval times, where technology is a thing of folklore. Grass grows in the streets and rusted hulks are all that remain of the Old Empire’s machines. Now, the Prophet's armies are coming, filled with hatred and fortified with rediscovered weapons capable of mass destruction. The free towns of the rugged mountains and plains are in the path of his conquest and must prepare for the worst. 

Amid these rumors of war, Donald of Fisher, a lore-man by trade, survives an attack from the Raiders and finds shelter in Stonegate; an eastern walled city in what was once North America. His skills are pushed to the limit as he trains for battle with the cavalry, but he progresses swiftly up the military ranks. Meanwhile, he has fallen in love with one of Stonegate’s citizens, a rare beauty named Rachel. After his error in judgment when the city is ambushed, Donald is devastated when he fails to save Rachel’s family and they are slaughtered. Rachel survives, but he loses her when she is captured by the Raiders.

Now he must prepare for the greatest challenge of his life. Donald heads into a vast wilderness teeming with ruthless warriors to search for the woman he loves and, not only must he battle the enemy, he must overcome a war raging within. His fear of losing Rachel and the nightmare of making a similar mistake in battle again haunts him. Even if he succeeds, will she ever find it in her heart to forgive him? He needs to muster the courage of again leading his men against the Raiders. Will Donald live up to an ancient prophecy and protect his people, or will his personal struggles cause his downfall?

Danger, love, war and redemption abound in the exciting world of The Stonegate Sword, an eloquent portrayal of turmoil, consequences, romance, courage, bravery and suspense by award-winning finalist Harry James Fox, author of Cross Currents.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Help Bring A Book To Life

Help us get our Angry Granny Book Concept to come to life.  

Click below on our Indiegogo Campaign to see how you can help!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Teaching Will - Mel Ryane

If you have ever taught someone, especially kids, something, then you know sometimes it can be quite challenging.  The challenges you face are not just yours but those of your students too.  So, just imagine trying to teach elementary school kids how to perform William Shakespeare's plays!  Well, that is exactly what Mel Ryane did...and she volunteered to do it! Her memoir, Teaching Will: What Shakespeare and 10 Kids Taught Me That Hollywood Couldn't, shares with you not only funny stories, but a story of great success and growth for all.  She discovered how to master teaching by opening up to what the kids needed, and the personal growth opportunities that she offered her students were profound - whether she fully realized it at the time or not.

Send me an email and one lucky person will get a free copy!
*Free copy drawing Feb 28, 2015. 
(Print version if in US. Digital version if outside US.)
If you love kids or if you are or know a teacher, this book is for you!

Following a distinguished career as a classically trained actor onstage and in film and television, Mel Ryane has found a new artistic home in the written word with her memoir, Teaching Will: What Shakespeare and 10 Kids Gave Me That Hollywood Couldn't. Mel became a professional actor during her teens in her native Canada, and then followed her career to New York City and to theatres across North America. After applying her skills to coaching actors on major studio and network projects, Mel was accepted into the Directing Workshop for Women at the prestigious American Film Institute. She subsequently wrote a screenplay that advanced to the semifinal round in the Motion Picture Academy's Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition. Mel travels across the country teaching "From Page to Podium: Reading Your Work Aloud," a workshop that helps writers find their public speaking voice. She also offers school workshops introducing Shakespeare to students. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their dog and cat.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Motivating Yourself The Sexy Way

Motivation is described as the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something. This e-book asks if you are allowing yourself to be motivated in your intimate life. Most people feel or think that sex will just take care of itself. But, how many things in your world just fix themselves? Not many. Sensual Motivation is designed to let you take control of what motivates you in your passionate relationship with your partner. This book gives you the self-adjusting tools to bring power not only to your love life but, to your world as a whole. Most motivational coaches will give you a step-by-step list to reach your outcome. Yet, aren’t they overlooking that you are not like everyone else? Do they really think that one size fits all when it comes to motivation? We, at Sexy Challenges, want to honor your individuality and allow you to personalize your experience. Within Sensual Motivation you will learn how to blend your energy and motivation with your partner.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Wolf Warriors - Kayla Larson

We are excited to share a new author with you - Kayla Larson.  Today's episode focused on her novel Wolf Warriors.  The storyline is quite intriguing.  

Let us share a quick description: The gods are at war, The land of Argethlam is beset by hard times, and Atreyavahl is near collapse because of the assassination of their Queen Viesha a century before. A prophecy tells that the god of darkness, Ardeth Anubace’s Black Wolf will bring the fall of the Inner Kingdom and then Argethlam, leading the world into Ardeth’s rule. But Ramos Ra, the Sire-God, created his own champion, the White Wolf to defeat the Black Wolf and purge the land of Ardeth’s curse. Mercenary daemon Debello has wandered Argethlam for 100 years with amnesia. He searches for the only clue to his past, a daemon named Vaulx. Once pieces start to come together, Debello soon realizes his forgotten memories were to a life hidden in the Inner Kingdom of Atreyavahl. And that he may indeed be one of the Wolves of the prophecy. But which one? Ardeth’s Black Wolf, a paragon of death and destruction? Or Ra’s White Wolf, the only hope Debello’s world has? Is Debello Life…or Death? Author Kayla Larson brings a new world to stark life surrounded by ever present death in her debut novel and the first in a series. THE WOLF WARRIORS from Pro Se Productions. - From Amazon :)  
wolf warriors final cover
We asked Kayla what tips she might share with other newer authors.  She laughed at one point asked if she could share that caffeine keeps her going...coffee..tea...  Zing!  A piece of advice that she shared that we found to be huge is to commit to writing every evening even if what you write doesn't end up in your book.  The point is to keep the creative juices flowing.  Therefore, even if you write a daily blog post, you are writing are you not? Yep - writing and keeping the channel open.
Often you hear people tell you to never give up, but Kayla is a wonderful example of that.  She shared with us that it actually took her around 10 years to get this first story in writing and released.  Does it have to take 10 years?  No.  But, if it does, so what?  Never give up your dream!
On a last note, she shared that some of her favorite resources are Google and Facebook. Nowadays, some might think those are obvious resources, but many people would not think of them.  So, we really loved that Kayla shared the importance of these excellent tools and resources.  Her other favorite tool is Open Office. :)
So, grab a cup of joe, get a pen and paper, jump online and get busy!  There is no better time to start than right now.  Well....after you listen to our interview with Kayla!

Kayla Larson has been writing most of her life. A bookworm at a young age, she grew into the art and passion of storytelling, starting with short stories and later creating novels and writing fanfiction. All of these old tales of which can be found in hundreds of notebooks stashed away in many boxes. She has written poetry, skits, and newspaper articles. She takes inspiration for a number of authors and holds dear her autographed photo of her favorite – Dean Koontz. She enjoys fantasy, science fiction, westerns, mysteries…anything that can whisk her away to another world.