Sunday, December 28, 2014

Stanley Swanson Breed Of A Werewolf

A treaty once shared from both creatures of the night, is soon broken by a werewolf. This werewolf who believes that a war will one day happen which will involve mortals, makes a tough decision to share the secrets of his breed and that of vampires with a retired journalist, in hopes that the human race will not fear the breed of werewolves. In time it is discovered of what this werewolf and mortal are sharing, which then becomes certain war. The highest of the Drackulis sees that their kind will do whatever it takes to stop this written journal from becoming public to the humans and more importantly to end both werewolf and the journalist. Lives will be lost, loved ones as well and unlikely friendships will be made in this suspense thriller with plenty of action. One of the two respective creatures of the night will come out on top to insure the war does not happen. How will it unfold is the question. Through it all and by the end, a legend will be born.... STANLEY SWANSON.

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