Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Other Woman - Eve Rabi

The Other Woman – Modern Fiction 
“These women steal husbands, rip apart families and shatter dreams. Isn’t it time we wives fight back?”  

A betrayed wife who believes that her husband is worth fighting for, sets out to 
win him back. Problem is, the other woman, a cunning seductress, is simply not used to losing and is prepared to eliminate anyone in her way. As a result the wife and the other woman collide. A riveting, hypnotic read that will keep you turning pages. 

“I never left my seat, from start until finish. I found, I kept looking at the percentage amount left to read, and feeling disappointed it was soon to be all over...I just wanted it to go on forever.” Amazon Reviewer

“I could not put this book down, I finished it at 2:30 in the morning and I had to get up for work @ 6:30. However, it was worth every yawn I had during the day @ work. Read it and you will see why.” Amazon Reviewer 

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Eve Rabi lives in Australia, but she was born in South Africa.
She is the author of 25 books and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, alpha males and no holes-barred love stories. Oh, and let’s not forget about humour, it’s a must in her books.
To quote a reviewer:  “When you pick up an Eve Rabi book, forget sleep. She writes gripping page turners that will keep you reading till the very end.”
Books that, like GRINGA, are sure to offend, entertain and amuse readers in various parts of the globe.
Please direct all hate mail and death threats to as she would really love to hear from you, good and not so good.

“I woke at 3.00 a.m. and carried on from last night, I have done nothing today, not even had a bath, gross I know! I just could not put this book down!” Amazon Reviewer 
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