Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Viking Kids Don't Cry

For Didda and her sisters, life in the remote fjords of Iceland in 1935 was one of danger, hard work and joy. Like their Viking ancestors, their life is full of trolls and Hidden People and the daily chores around the farm. Didda loves climbing the cliffs to collect bird's eggs but would rather face a troll than Grandpa's nasty-tempered cow named Old Red. But, when the chores were done, the adventure begins. She and her friends ride Icelandic horses across the fjord, risk the wrath of the trolls attempting to fly from the cowshed room and come face-to-face with a trapped polar bear. The Icelandic frontier real-life hardships she faces teaches her to value every day. 

Grandpa always said Viking children never cried; they howled, screamed, bellowed - but did not cry! Didda learns to overcome her fear of a terrible storm at sea that threatens to sink their ship and must come to terms with the loss of a close friend. She comes to understand joy, fear, loss and life while never crying even once.

This enchanting story of a strong-willed young girl viewing life as a great adventure while facing the realities of fear and death was inspired by the author's own childhood experience.

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