Monday, June 26, 2017

Ash Eater

Sometimes a girl will go missing, but no one will try to find her because her shell is still there.

It's hard enough being a teen in the 80s when you're the only punk rocker in your school. 

Miya will do anything to protect her family's secrets. About Mom and her lover. About her brothers. Never mind her own. 

Between her bizarre convulsions and the forays into inexplicable darkness, Miya questions her sanity. 

As the secrets begin to destroy her, it takes a journey into a strange, frightening and beautiful world to realize that wholeness might be possible. The only ones to help her along the way are a lamb, tiny faeries, a fastidious eagle, and an elven boy. 

In order to get back to her family again, she'll have to survive the seduction of a demon-fox, the snares of a dragon, the devastation of the fire giants and a host of other terrors intent on keeping her locked inside.

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