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Books of the Week 8-5-2017 - Fill Your Backpack With These Great Books

Featured Books of the Week August 5, 2017

This book received honorable mention in the New England Book Festival!
When Emeline Chase is transported into the past she hopes she can change history and save the unfortunate women who are being executed for practicing witchcraft. After all Emeline herself is a witch in the present and in the past--or at least that's what her grandmother has told her. How else could she have suddenly moved backward in time? But when she becomes trapped in the Salem, Massachusetts of 1692, her focus changes into one of survival. Can a cute Wampanoag Indian help her, or will their relationship make matters worse? To save herself Emeline must discover her own magic and find her way home.

What do Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, and Ed Sullivan have in common? Ottavio Canestrelli crossed paths with each. He performed with the Krone Circus in Italy and Germany from 1922 to 1924 on the eve of Hitler’s rise to power; he witnessed a rally for Mahatma Gandhi in India in 1931; and he appeared twice on the Ed Sullivan Show during the 1960s.

In The Grand Gypsy, Canestrelli, with his grandson, Ottavio Gesmundo, tells the story of a man who witnessed historical events as he toured with his family through five continents and countless nations, including experiences fighting in World War I and the excavation of the Sphinx in Egypt. It shares memories of life in the circus, filled with daring feats and tragic mishaps.

With over one hundred and seventy historical photographs included, this memoir chronicles a circus dynasty from the late nineteenth-century in Europe to the new millennium in the United States.

Carol D. Marsh founded, directed, and lived at Miriam’s House, a Washington, DC, residence for homeless women living with AIDS. In this powerful memoir, Marsh recalls how she came to confront issues far removed from her own experience: addiction, poverty, and the institutional racism that permeates our society on every level. From the humorous to the tragic, the mundane to the sublime, Marsh offers a gripping view into a world where the stakes are high and love is pushed to its limit.

Nowhere Else I Want to Be is the story of the inspiring women who transformed Marsh’s life. From Kimberly, who triumphs over a lifelong alcohol addiction, to Alyssa, who dies reaching out for the mother who abandoned her, Marsh witnesses the spectrum of human experience and the depth of the human spirit.

More great books to check out!

 Besties Rooster and Cat's superpower practice on the beach is interrupted by Ray, Crab, and Shark who they discover have pretty amazing superpowers of their own - and all of them are true and important to their survival!

In four parts, this book examines the history of Baptists and the distinctives that mark them; how Baptists fit into and should view reformed theology; a Baptist view of the covenants in Scripture; and what these theological and doctrinal concepts look like when practiced in a local church. My desire is not to defend a system, it is to spur Christians to think biblically and study God’s Word.

Shawn Beamish works as a logistics pilot on Wenlock, a planet undergoing terraforming prior to colonisation. His friend gets him a trial flight on his space plane, to realise his dream of space piloting, but something unexpected happens and Shawn finds himself light years away, unaware of his family’s fate but involved in big events.

In a futuristic city where greed is the only law, an ambitious group of rebels fight against their corporate masters. 

From rainy days and a smoke filled room to a spring's love affair, this memoir touches on the author's depression, oppression, physical pain, mental pain, loss, desire, love and sexuality..

When Bethany Lewis buried her husband, she thought she'd also buried any other chance at love.  There was no way for her to know there is a man who would upset the balance she has so carefully created. Can Bethany allow herself to let go of the past and the guilt she feels at the thought of moving on with her life, or is she headed for heartbreak once more?

As the snow falls around her and the life she thought she had along with it, she must face the most difficult decision of her life.

She lives in an emotional prison, bound by a dark and painful past. He uses his gift for music to draw her into the light, giving her hope for a normal future and healing her with his unconditional love.

A woman's love and commitment is tested and she finds herself torn between two Alpha males, both believed to have been brought to her by Cosmic forces. Who will she end up with if fate has its way?

Sobrenatural (supernatural surrealistical scary stories ), a small English anthology of flash stories and tales where the reader will find famous characters in strange situations. Imagine yourself having a dream where nothing is what it seems, when you find space vampires and their connection to dinosaur’s extinction, killing noses, she-demons from the center of the world,  alien harlequin, divine musicks   and other alien creatures.

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