Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sword of Dragonblood

Sword of Dragonblood
by L.S. Goulet

Why can't things be as they are? For Darrel Sak and his unlikely friend, this question looms above them as they accept a harrowing quest. What will Darrel risk to save his dad in a realm where only his night terrors have visited? Who can Darrel trust and believe, when a web of lies and secrets begin to reveal themselves? How will he navigate through this maze of reality and deception? The ultimate answer may not be what he wants to hear.

When 8th-grader, Darrel Sak, realizes his lifelong nightmares are real, and that nothing is as it seems in the small New England town of Blind Spot, he teams up with Maisy on a quest to save his dad from Proteus Shyfte, who plans to dominate the magical world of Shaemaaie. Unfortunately for Darrel, the key to Proteus's evil plans have been transferred to his very soul. To survive, save his dad, Maisy, and the worlds they live in, Darrel must decide just how much he is willing to give up and trust that he can persevere in the face of adversity. Sword of Dragonblood will have you befriending strange, delightful creatures, and battling grotesque and powerful enemies. Lives are at stake and time is running out in this action-packed fantasy. 

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