Saturday, September 27, 2014

P.S. I'm Headed To Earth

Two souls, hanging out wherever it is that non-incarnated souls hang out, decide that they want to go on a new journey. P.S. I’m Headed to Earth is the story of their journey. Their trials and tribulations. Their joys and delights. Their fears and confusion. Their confidence and clarity. Yet, it is more than just a story. 

This colorfully exciting spiritual novel incorporates personal and spiritual development exercises for you, too. As you move through the continuing sections of this story you have the opportunity to become interactive. Bring Pika and Shivali’s story to life as you apply it to your own lifetime on Earth. You will find one exercise at the end of each section focused on what you just read. 

The characters in this gripping novel experience day-to-day life experiences, but they also encounter the paranormal. Learning to decide what is real and what is crazy is a dilemma for Kent early on in the story. Who is the man appearing out of nowhere? Is it all just a dream? It seems so real and it feels like Kent knows this man. But, does he or is it all his imagination? Could one of them be Pika or Shivali? 

Includes Section 1 & 2

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