Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spiritual Serendipity

This short book is an amazing work of art, filled with stories, poems, prose and insights, surpassing tomes ten times its size. With simple, thought-provoking writing, Spiritual Serendipity is a joy to read and the first I ever began re-reading as soon as I came to the end!
Please don't let what could be construed as a religious title scares you off. This book is about life, thought, feelings, intuition and faith without ever being sermon-like or preachy. Serendipity of the spirit, Richard Eyre convinces you, is a way of life and an attitude that can help you bring together happy accidents with a sense of understanding for what should be. This book describes and helps you create a guided life filled with the creativity, fun, happiness, joy, and productivity so many of us miss. This book provides a way to feel connected in a world with far too many steps and not enough direction. Enjoy!

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