Friday, October 7, 2016

Jethro & Me (Halloween Special Book Post)

Jethro & Me is the tale of two friends from the country as they traverse the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse, testing their mental and physical resolve when faced with the horrors of both man and monster.

Where and whence the viral epidemic started is a mystery to our two friends but the fact that they must live and survive in this devastating new world is paramount in their travels.

There need to help others will be tested and their spiritual beings will be forever changed. They will bear witness to the deepest darkest secrets hidden from view behind closed doors and find that the mind of the righteous is not always so divine.

Among the quiet and serene beauty of the countryside they will discover that the true nature of men can sometimes be dark, cruel and perversly twisted. But together they can survive and find a way to keep each other from going insane from the horrors that surround them.

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