Sunday, October 9, 2016

Zombie Dogs SB-16 Book 2 (Halloween Special Post)

With their future uncertain, filled with raging, hungry, vicious Zombie Dogs comes a new unimaginable threat. The infected SB-16 coma patients are now becoming vile, insatiable, and monstrous Human Zombies.
Zombie Dogs banding together with the Human Zombies form an army of virtually indestructible creatures that are bent on devouring everything in their path.
The world’s infrastructure, from government, security and even the ability to sustain proper food supplies is being destroyed. Everything the Foster brothers have ever known is gone. Bellamy Foster leads his group of survivors on a perilous journey. Not only must he find a sanctuary for them all, but he is also on a quest to find his twin brother, Calloway. 
In this new world of dangers, being forced to find new locations where they can survive, death follows them around every corner.
Will they find a new sanctuary in time? 

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