Saturday, October 8, 2016

Yeitso (Halloween Special Post)

“Yeitso brought me back to those glorious Saturday afternoons of my youth watching Creature Double Feature.”

— Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland

Veteran detective Russell Andrews has seen the dangers of big-city life: rape, murder, gangs. It’s not a place he wants to raise a teenage daughter on his own. After his divorce, he moves with her to serve as the sheriff of a sleepy New Mexican town. But the desert has dangers of its own—deadly secrets that eat men alive. Secrets growing in power. Andrews comes face-to-face with a thing out of myth, a force without a name in the modern world. The Navajo, though, call it Yeitso.

“Scott M. Baker builds tension and explores characters like a seasoned pro, all before offering them up as dinner for some of the creepiest crawlies you'll experience on the page. Yeitso is the perfect blend of small town quirk and pulpy monster madness that will leave you cringing and wanting more!” 

— Ryan C. Thomas, author of Salticidae and Hissers

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