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Books of the Week - July 16, 2017 - Books That Sting

Books of the Week   July 16, 2017

Megan and Josh are on a two week vacation in Florida from Atlanta. Coming back from a day trip exploring the antique shops in Arcadia, a cow on the road puts them in a ditch on a rural back road. A miscommunication over cell phones has them stranded. They find their way to a farm house and an old woman willing to rescue and take them in until help can arrive.
Mrs. Sullivan entertains her guest with the story of how she came to live at Honey Tree Farm. She recounts meeting Jesse, the love of her life, and how a jealous bully tried to destroy their life together.
What Megan and Josh discover is that love is precious and can indeed last beyond a life time.

At the age of five my Mom died, and from that point on my dad raised me. I must admit, he did a really good job. I keep all of my emotions bottled up inside, so writing is my way of releasing feelings I try to hide. I've been writing since I was in middle school, and as I matured so did my writing. My poems are my interpretations of my experience with relationships, friendships, and family. Whether it's good or bad the best way for me to express myself is through my writing. I'm also proud to say I'm a domestic violence survivor; because it didn't kill me, it only made me stronger. I didn't plan on doing anything with my gift until something I read not too long ago. It said something along the lines of,"If God gives you a talent then you need to use it". From that point on I made it my mission to publish a poem book. So now I am sharing my gift with all of you. Enjoy!

Hilarious adventures abound as Granny comes to live with her grandson and his parents. It is rarely an easy transition when aging parents and grandparents find they need to live with their children, and Angry Granny is no exception. But, on top of Granny's declining memory, she has lost her filter. So, be prepared because even though her grandson isn't used to hearing curse words Angry Granny is about to change that as she regularly let's the a-word fly. It's cute. It's funny. And, it's touching as the experience of having Angry Granny in the house will take you from laughing to saying "oh my" and right back to giggling again.  

Rob Alex and Boegley Alex co-wrote Angry Granny, but it all started when Daddy (Rob) started telling Angry Granny bedtime stories to Boegley. The laughter and giggles that poured forth from the bedroom could be heard all the way downstairs. After a few weeks and a long list of Angry Granny adventures, this father-son duo decided to share their knee slapping and sometimes shocking stories with the world. Get ready because these two will take you on quite a journey alongside Angry Granny, and they just may share more of Granny's adventures as time goes by.

More great books to check out!

Sweet Release (Sweet and Dark )
by Ravenna Young

A recent tragedy has torn Annie's life apart. Strange events make it impossible for her to cope as she fights for her sanity.
**This ebook is perma free on Amazon and at other major eBook retailers

Last Another Day
(Dangerous Days - Zombie Apocalypse Book 1)
by Baileigh Higgins

As the sun sets against the backdrop of the Free State veldt and living nightmares walk the streets in the shape of their loved one's bodies, humanity's last hope rests in the hands of ordinary men and women called to do extraordinary things.

The Ball
by Monique Maré

Perfect for first time English readers. Easy to read using repetitive sentence structure.

Sizzling Soft Skills for Spectacular Success
by P. Ameer Ali

It's a Practical Guide on Personality Development, explaining in detail 10 of the most important Soft Skills, with lots of real-life success stories and inspiring Quotes and Anecdotes.

The Parallels of Time
by Andrew Kjar

Follow the team of Vaulkamier Starion as they fight the universal menace of the Tyrraxian empire. The fight for control leads them across time and space with magic and mutants thrown in.

Book One of the Rebellion Trilogy
by Ethan Proud and Lincoln Proud

Rebellion is the first book in an epic fantasy series that plunges the reader into a war filled with lies, betrayals, and deception. As each character faces their own dilemmas, the chaos amplifies and the country of Durthia is pushed closer to the brink of ruin.

by Joseph Ferguson

Short stories about Basement Man; moody drunk,  absurdist philosopher, raconteur of the ridiculous,  and not-so-merry prankster.  An everyman for nobodies ever adrift between the carrot of sobriety and the reality of carpe diem, he can never decide whether the lucky ones are the survivors or those who died years ago.

Legacy of Dragonwand:
Book 1 (Legacy of Dragonwand Trilogy)
by Daniel Peyton

 The quest begins as Markus is thrust on a journey to find the last Dragonwand before the enemy can find it. However, discovering the legacy will truly change the destiny of everyone in Gallenor.

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