Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Her Blackened Soul

A new urban fantasy novel.

Magick. Love. Power. 
An enchanting dark soul, Lady Isra, meets Astrid the raven. They share a love that leaves them both gasping for more! 

Lady Isra is cautious of the human race. Hiding herself by casting a spell transforming everything black. 

Isra meets an intriguing selection of friends and foes, from Astrid the raven to Romeo the python, and the mysterious Kane. 

Kane seeks Lady Isra out. Kane and Isra meet, the tension slowly building up between them as he finds himself trapped in her kingdom. 
Will Kane win over Lady Isra? 

"Her Blackened Soul", is the first instalment in Isra Sravenheart's Blackened Series. It’s a dark fantasy fairy tale of power and magick featuring beautiful, energetic love. 

Are you brave enough to enter her bewitching kingdom and delve into this subliminal fantasy?

**Now includes bonus content including alternative ending**

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