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Books of the Week - July 9, 2017 - Great Beach Chair Reading

Book of the Week - July 9, 2017

Everyone had heard of the Magus of Danthamore, a powerful, dangerous, and ruthless man. Nelina, who was sold on the slaver's block by her unscrupulous uncle, now finds herself as the newest slave of the Magus. Finding that he is more than what he appears to be, Nelina follows her heart as the irresistible handsome Magus leads her into a world she had never dreamed existed.

Ru'ark who had become known as the Magus used the power he wielded with little regard for the people beyond his homeland of Aghadine and the waste. Finally, after years of diligently searching he has found the perfect vessel he needs -the voluptuous flaxen haired Nelina. He was expected to use her, betray her, and certainly not to love her.

"Zombie apocalypse set in the Dark Ages. Why didn't anyone think of this before? Wonderfully fun." - Amazon Customer

"... a well-written and well researched story that takes readers on a new kind of journey through the horror of uprising of the undead!" - Michelle Lowe, author of Legacy

"Excellent novel, fantastic reading! Waiting for the movie!" - Amazon Customer


For Brother Maurice, a monk and physician, the disease is the most terrifying he’s ever seen. But Maurice soon learns of an even more deadly threat: the exanimate Mortecarni. After his first unexpected encounter with the creatures, Maurice is pulled into a world of savagery and secrecy.

As he travels across the country, investigating both the plague and the Mortecarni, Maurice questions how such unholy suffering is possible. When his own family is struck down, his beliefs falter. Can he regain his faith and save both England and himself?

Stopping on the razor’s edge of your Soul Gap™ can happen in an instant, but building a bridge to cross it takes effort and help. Best Selling Author, Janelle Alex, Ph.D. brings you practical spirituality in Soul Gap: Rediscover the colors of your soul and fulfill your life’s mission, so you can stop endlessly searching for that “something missing” in your life.

Soul Gap™ = your soul’s mission - your active participation

It’s true, you made it through another day. Great! But, now you’re tossing and turning because the sense that you’re just running in place and running out of time is keeping a peaceful night’s sleep at bay.  

Being bold and ready to set the world on fire likely came easily to you when you were young and setting out on your adventure as an adult. Then, the expectations of others got in your way. You did what you believed you were supposed to do and set your biggest dreams on a shelf.  

Day-in and day-out you work your life away - all while your soul keeps calling to you. You know there’s got to be more to life. The deep desire to have a greater impact in the world - to make a real difference beyond your family, your friends and your home - has been nudging your heart.  

It’s no longer just a gentle nudge or a silent call. It’s a full-blown push. You feel the urgency to make a real change - not only in your life, but in the lives of others. It’s a blaring call from your soul coming through so loudly you can no longer ignore it. You’re ready to answer, but you don’t know where to begin.

Success hasn’t been an issue for you. You’ve attained it. Being good - or even great - at what you do has never been a problem. This can lead to the question, “Shouldn’t you be happy? What more do you want?!”  

But, guess what? Living someone else’s dreams is not what you came here to do. Playing small and playing by someone else’s rules is not what lights you up. You’ve hidden yourself away and muted the colors of your soul.  

This is what led you to unknowingly creating a Soul Gap™. Yet, all is not lost. Rediscovering the colors of your soul and fulfilling your life’s mission is at your fingertips. 

This book offers you deep insight into you, your spiritual connection and your Soul Gap™. Through bits of her personal story and unique “active participation” exercises at the end of each chapter, Janelle helps you recognize your Soul Gap™, rediscover your Secret Animal Powers™, and reveal steps to build and maintain a bridge across your Soul Gap™.

More great books to check out!

In the ten years since high school graduation, Maylee Keagan's career, living arrangements, family, and especially her love life are at a standstill. When her twin brother, Mitch, falls for her high school enemy at their ten-year reunion, however, Maylee’s life is catapulted into chaos.

While he doesn't like the sound of the experimental drug trial his girlfriend Amy Veksler found a flyer for on campus, George Ormond still lets himself be persuaded to join it. He, Amy, and three other students go to a warehouse where Doctor Adam Carnesby, the biology professor who's running the study, has everything set up and everything seems to be going well even though all five of the students become sick for a week after their first injections. At the start of the second week, they all recover, feeling better than ever then, they start to discover that there were more side effects to the drug than just a cold.

A collection of raw poems that reflect the darker side of life

Jason wants to get something nice for his girlfriend for her birthday, but he can't quite figure out what would be a good gift. A chance meeting with a mysterious jeweler leads him to decide that a special necklace would be the best gift he can give her. Plus, the necklace is within his budget. What will Jason get in return for giving her such a great gift, and is it what he wants?

Sold as a slave, and in the service of the Magus, Nelina now finds she is a pawn in a larger game of Love, Power, and Deception.

Dave and his friend Alice have a scary mystery to solve when their neighbor's ring vanishes on Halloween. What follows is a fun and spooky adventure as the kids stumble upon the supernatural.

A mighty world of magic and wonder approaches a global turning point, and a global war. Young Mark finds himself at the center of an intense whirlwind of adventure, romance, and action that will transform the world of Kellaran in only seven days!

Cons, flim-flam artists, and thieves…the western frontier boasted many colorful characters. Among those were bold, brassy, and strong women of the 1880’s… Kip, Mitch, and Daisy are up to their old ‘tricks’… Bank President Horace Dahlrumple would swear on a stack of Bibles… ‘It wuz them Sisters who stole the money from my bank’… Ex-priest turned bounty hunter, Tate Morgan, ain’t too sure…hmm….. Things are heating up on the trail… Oh…Lordy…the old west ain’t dead, yet!

Special Police Officer Lt. Norman Blalock, who has been guarding the treasures of the Folger Shakespeare Library for 25 years, has been coerced into a plot to heist from the Folger Museum “the most mysterious book in the world,” the Voynich Manuscript, on loan from Yale University.

When a simple tarot card reading sends Julie on a quest for a hidden family fortune, everything she never believed about the afterlife comes back to haunt her—along with a pair of pesky ghosts. Does true love wait at the heart of a mystery?  

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